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THE LAST SUPPER is a politically-charged dark musical comedy by Jeff Thomson & Jeremy Desmon based on the 1995 independent film of the same name. Hysterical, heady and timely, this provocative show updates the fiendishly clever premise of the original film, which featured Cameron Diaz, Bill Paxton, Mark Harmon, Annabeth Gish, Ron Perlman and Jason Alexander.


The story begins with five liberal grad students — LUKE, JUDE, PETE, MARK & PAULIE — living together in a small university town. 


Every Sunday evening, they share a meal and debate the issues of the day: immigration, social justice, the environment, etc. One fateful night, Mark’s car breaks down and a passing trucker, ZACK, gives him a lift home… and, in return, they invite him for dinner. What starts out as “dinner with a stranger” turns violent as Zack’s racist, hateful views shock the table, leading to Zack’s reveal of a hunting knife. In the ensuing scuffle, he winds up dead on the dining room floor.


From unspeakable tragedy come a ray of hope as it slowly dawns on the five friends that… perhaps… they’ve made the world a better place by taking Zack out of it. 


And so, they hatch a plan: every Sunday night, they’ll invite a hard-core, right-winger over to supper. And if they can’t change his or her views, they’ll poison their guest before dessert. 


Bon Appetit!

Pump Up The Volume


Developed at

Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre, Goodspeed Musicals and 

The Human

Race Theatre.

"PUMP UP THE VOLUME conjures the degenerate rock energy of the Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth and the Descendents. Musical theatre’s signature piano-driven ballideering with real rock swagger — hopefully somebody on Broadway is listening!”  —  New York Magazine

Based on the 1990 film starring Christian Slater, Pump Up The Volume is a raucous and moving rock musical about a shy teen who shakes up a small town, broadcasting nightly as a no-holds-barred Pirate Radio shock jock. 


Nancy Drew

A Broadway-bound "reboot" of Simon & Schuster's iconic sleuth with a modern twist on the classic stories. Three generations of Drew women reunite on the high seas to tackle the one mystery that eludes us all: our own family.


in conjunction

with Simon

& Schuster.

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